Sending Fail2ban (and other) notifications to a Slack chat channel

A lot of companies these days are using Slack for their internal communications. And can you blame them? Slack is easy to use and fast as hell (I promise you Slack didn't pay me to say write this!). It was used at the company where I did my internship. I fell in love with Slack's simplicity. I used it every workday to ask simple questions to people who where out of the office, to send files around and so on...

During this internship we held daily stand-up meetings (a must for every Agile team). Sadly though we often forgot this because not everyone came in at the exact same time. To fix this, I configured an IFTTT rule that pushed the message STANDUP MEETING to our general chat room on Slack when everyone was at the office. Easy and convenient!

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Review - QCY Qy7 Bluetooth Earphones

About 2 weeks ago I received my first pair of bluetooth earbuds. I searched the cheapest earbuds with some decent reviews and ultimately found a lot of QCY Qy7 headphones. I order the ones from AGPTek, an unknown company that apparently doesn't have a website.

The headphones are prices at just 25 euros! So I figured, how bad can they be? I ordered them and have used them for 3 weeks now and I am pleasantly surprised. Here's my review of them!

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Building a Mini Arcade Machine (Part 2)

About a month ago I started building a mini arcade machine. A lot has happened since my first post. In the last couple of weeks my girlfriend and I sanded and painted all the wood panels. This last weekend we put the panels together and wired all the buttons, LEDs and joysticks. We slowly watched our arcade machine come to life!

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Building a Mini Arcade Cabinet (Part 1)

I'm a geek. I like geeky stuff. For the past couple of months I was looking for a reason to buy myself a Raspberry Pi. I thought about integrating it in my room and in my car. I thought about creating an internet radio with it or just use it as a home server.

But when I came across the Internet Archive's Internet Arcade, I finally decided what my first Raspberry Pi project was going to be: building an arcade cabinet! My girlfriend and I started working on the arcade this weekend and we intent to continue to work on it during the weekends. In this post I walk you through everything we did during our first build weekend!

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Building a dynamic heart of profile pictures

A few months back I was contacted by a non-profit organisation for building an online donation system. They found me after reading a news article about the meta search engine that I developed. I happily accepted their request and met with the founder shortly afterwards. The idea was simple: set up a website where people can see what the organisation does and where they can donate. After donating a user should be "rewarded" with something.

We end up building a "beating" heart surrounded by profile pictures of donators. After each donation, a user is "rewarded" with the possibility to include his picture in the heart. In this post I'll walk you through the process of building the dynamic heart.

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