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Building a Mini Arcade Cabinet (Part 1)

I'm a geek. I like geeky stuff. For the past couple of months I was looking for a reason to buy myself a Raspberry Pi. I thought about integrating it in my room and in my car. I thought about creating an internet radio with it or just use it as a home server.

But when I came across the Internet Archive's Internet Arcade, I finally decided what my first Raspberry Pi project was going to be: building an arcade cabinet! My girlfriend and I started working on the arcade this weekend and we intent to continue to work on it during the weekends. In this post I walk you through everything we did during our first build weekend!

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Building a dynamic heart of profile pictures

A few months back I was contacted by a non-profit organisation for building an online donation system. They found me after reading a news article about the meta search engine that I developed. I happily accepted their request and met with the founder shortly afterwards. The idea was simple: set up a website where people can see what the organisation does and where they can donate. After donating a user should be "rewarded" with something.

We end up building a "beating" heart surrounded by profile pictures of donators. After each donation, a user is "rewarded" with the possibility to include his picture in the heart. In this post I'll walk you through the process of building the dynamic heart.

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Creating static social share buttons

Social networks are everywhere online. Share, like and tweet buttons are popping up on a lot of webpages these days. The social buttons however have a big impact on the performance of a website. They load a ton of resources and slow down websites.

In this post I'll tell you why I hate these social buttons so much. I'll also walk you through the process of building the static share buttons that I use on my website.

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