Review EC Technology Bluetooth Sports Earphones

Earlier this year I reviewed the cheap QCY Qy7 wireless Bleutooth headphones and concluded that they offer amazing value for a very low price. However, two weeks ago I started using another pair of cheap bluetooth headphones from a company called EC-Technology.

In this post I'll give you my review of EC Technology's wireless bluetooth headphones and compare them to Apple's EarPods and the QCY headphones. Let's go!

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Uploading your own SSL certificate to Amazon CloudFront

I've been wanting to add HTTPS support to my website for quite some time and never got around it. Enabling SSL has several benefits such as increased privacy and a slight boost in search ranking. I know that my blog doesn't really benefit from the increase of privacy, but I wanted to enable it anyway.

This blog is powered by the static website generator Jekyll, stored on Amazon S3 and served through CloudFront. Since 2014 it is possible to serve your own SSL certificate through CloudFront by using SNI or Server Name Indication. Let's take a look at how you can upload your own SSL certificate to the service.

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Verifying Amazon S3 multi-part uploads with the ETag hash

Uploading big files to Amazon S3 can be a bit of pain when you're on an unstable network connection. If an error occurs, your transfer will be cancelled and you can start the upload process all over again. This not only wastes your bandwidth, it also increases your AWS bill.

To check the integrity of a file that was uploaded in multiple parts, you can calculate the checksum of the local file and compare it with the checksum on S3. Problem is: Amazon doesn't use a regular md5 hash for multipart uploads. In this post we'll take a look at how you can compute the correct checksum on your computer so you can compare it to the checksum calculated by Amazon.

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Switching from Android to iOS - What I love and hate about both platforms

About three weeks ago I received an iPhone 6 from my employer. At first I was a little sceptical and wondered if I should keep the iPhone. I have owned an iPhone in the past, but I've been using Android for nearly three years now. I decided to give it a try, use the phone for a couple of weeks and decide whether or not I should continue to use it.

In this blog post I'll talk about the things I love and hate about both platforms.

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Sending Fail2ban (and other) notifications to a Slack chat channel

A lot of companies these days are using Slack for their internal communications. And can you blame them? Slack is easy to use and fast as hell (I promise you Slack didn't pay me to say write this!). It was used at the company where I did my internship. I fell in love with Slack's simplicity. I used it every workday to ask simple questions to people who where out of the office, to send files around and so on...

During this internship we held daily stand-up meetings (a must for every Agile team). Sadly though we often forgot this because not everyone came in at the exact same time. To fix this, I configured an IFTTT rule that pushed the message STANDUP MEETING to our general chat room on Slack when everyone was at the office. Easy and convenient!

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