TypeScript Design Patterns

Available on: Udemy /  Skillshare

Object oriented design patterns help you create more robust and flexible software. In this course I will show you how to use these patterns in TypeScript.

Design patterns are best practices that will help you solve common problems in programming. There is no need to solve a generic problem that has been solved many times before.

Simple example: how do you write a system that allows user to order a product and customize some of its features? There are many possible solutions but they probably won't be as flexible as using a decorator pattern.

What you will learn

  • Use object oriented design patterns to write better and more flexible software.
    • Decorator pattern
    • Observer pattern
    • Facade pattern
    • Adapter pattern
    • State pattern


  • You should have basic knowledge of object oriented programming. Know the basics of classes, interfaces and inheritance.
  • Basic knowledge of TypeScript/JavaScript (or any other object-oriented language)